About Kadok House Inspections

About Kadok

Kadok House Inspections is a family-owned building inspection business, servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

We are passionate about building and with over 30 years building industry experience, Dennis our principle inspector, boasts a range of skills, some of which are noted below:

  • Rock solid work ethic and hands-on leader; driven, self-motivated and goal oriented.
  • Customer focussed with excellent interpersonal skills, helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Committed to delivering outcomes in compliance with standards, codes and regulations.
  • Sound knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety practices across the construction industry.
  • Well-demonstrated personal integrity evidenced by the maintenance of long-term professional relationships with project managers, builders and clients.
  • Professional and outcome focussed; demonstrated in overcoming operational and logistical problems to deliver challenging deadlines.
  • Exemplary technical knowledge and skills.

Dennis understands that the purchase of your property is one of the most important decisions you will make. As such, Kadok House Inspections will treat each inspection with diligence, ensuring your report is comprehensive, accurate and reliable.

Membership no: 1231303
Membership no: 1231303

About Dennis & Kat

katrin and dennis


Dennis is a qualified Carpenter and Joiner with over 35 years of experience in the building industry. Cutting his teeth on building sites throughout Melbourne in the 1980s and working in the domestic and commercial sectors, there is not much that Dennis hasn’t seen, built or fixed. Running his own business for many years, Dennis made a name for himself as the ‘fixer’, specifically called upon when there were problems that confounded others. As a pre-purchase home inspector, Dennis has a keen eye for noticing building defects and structural problems that may not be observable to those with less experience. He is particularly skilled at noticing ‘quick fixes’ and ‘coverups’, common strategies employed in order to present a property in a positive light. Who better to inspect your new home than someone who has built more houses than you can imagine? Not only is Dennis fully qualified, his extensive experience gives him an intuitive feel for the quality of a home and where problems may lie. Dennis understands that a home is far more than bricks and mortar and is committed to easing any concerns you may have about buying a place to call your own.


I’m the person working behind the scenes, writing blogs and keeping you up to date with news from the industry. I have a social work background and developed a particular interest in what ‘home’ means to people through working in bushfire recovery after the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. I was living and working in the fire affected region, seeing first-hand how difficult it was for people to recreate a sense of home after significant personal and environmental loss. I learnt how important it is to have a safe house, not just on a structural level, but on an emotional level too. Feelings of safety foster a sense of home, helping to create a sanctuary to shelter from the daily demands of life, allowing time to rest, rejuvenate and restore. Buying a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful, particularly if there are other life-changing life circumstances such as loss, separation or new employment. Regardless of whether you feel joy or trepidation at this time of change, we are here to provide you with some clarity about your potential investment. Hopefully, this can relieve some of your worries, leaving you free to focus on the myriad of other issues that call for your attention.

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Our Pets

Our home is a busy one, with teenagers coming and going, something always happening or being planned. At the end of the day, our dogs, Tia and Mooch, are there to greet us, keen for a pat and a play before settling down to wait patiently for the next exciting moment (dinner, a walk or a trip in the car). And then there is Molly, our cat who is affectionate on her terms and does a great job of keeping everyone in line!

Pets are important for many people and it is now well known that owning a pet has both physical and emotional health benefits. Even though the rental market is increasingly more accommodating of pet ownership, owing a home gives you far more flexibility when it comes to the types and numbers of pets that you can welcome into your life. We believe that having animals helps to foster a greater sense of wellbeing and we hope that if this is also important to you, you will find the perfect home for all your family.

What matters to us

We pride ourselves on providing a professional and personal service, one with heart. We believe that good business is underpinned by strong values and for us that means having integrity in everything that we do. We also believe in giving back to the community and, in our own small way, making the world a better place. That’s why we choose to support two organisations that are dear to our hearts, Habitat for Humanity and Animal Aid Victoria, donating $10 from every inspection to one of these two organisations.

habitat for humanity

I first became involved with Habitat for Humanity through my work in bushfire recovery. Habitat for Humanity is an international not-for-profit organisation that has helped millions of people throughout the world obtain an affordable and decent home. After the 2009 Victorian bushfires, the Brush with Kindness program worked tirelessly to repair damaged homes and properties in the affected regions. Also, together with their partner families, Habitat Victoria built an entirely new community in Yea, initially for those who needed to relocate after the fires, now also for people who need affordable and adequate housing. To date Habitat Victoria have built 65 homes throughout Victoria and have many more projects underway. We are proud to support their efforts to ease the housing crisis in Victoria. Click here to find out more about their work.

animal aid

Animal Aid Victoria provide shelter for animals in the outer eastern region of Melbourne and believe that every animal deserves love, respect and a decent home, just like people! Their mission is to improve the welfare of all companion animals that come to them, regardless of their health, age or breed. They care for the sick and injured through their veterinary clinic and work tirelessly to address animal homelessness by reuniting pets with their owners or finding loving homes for others who were abandoned. We found our cat Molly at Animal Aid Victoria and everyone in our family has benefited from having her in our lives (I’d like to think the dogs agree with me!). If you would read more about the great work Animal Aid Victoria do, have a look at their webpage here.