Pre-Auction Inspection

Buying at auction is a thrilling experience that is not for the faint of heart, and it is easy to get caught up in the energy of the day. If you are lucky enough to win, once both you and the vendor sign on the dotted line, the house is yours. Unlike purchasing property privately, you cannot vary the sale conditions, and there is no cooling-off period. Without a pre-auction inspection, you may find that you have purchased more than you bargained for and you cannot change your mind!

If you have viewed a property you hope to buy at auction, arranging a pre-auction inspection will allow you to make an informed decision about your purchase. This information gives you the heads up about potential repairs that may be required, and it also helps you decide how much you are willing to bid.

A KADOK pre-auction inspection is identical to our pre-purchase inspection, which includes a thorough review of:

Boundary Area

  • It is common for householders to allow these areas to deteriorate over time. We will therefore examine that any driveways and paths are in a fair state of repair and that there is adequate site drainage for the overall property.
  • We will examine and report upon the state of any outbuildings on the property
  • Our report will advise you on the condition of any fencing and identify any built-up garden areas that may be too close to the main structure of the house.

Sub Floor Area

  • The under floor region is where most major defects will be found in a property. It’s critical this area is assessed and inspected by a professional.
  • We check for adequate sub floor ventilation and for any decay under wet areas including the entire floor frame.
  • We will check all the footings and piers and ensure they are structurally sound.
  • We will report if any termite ant caps are present or missing.

Roof Cavity

  • A lot of potential problems can be identified in the roof cavity. A thorough and detailed examination by one of our inspectors can reveal any issues concealed in this area.
  • We will inspect the integrity of the roof framing to assure no major structural issues are present.
  • We will inspect for safety hazards such as unprotected electrical down lights.
  • We will inspect and document the presence of sarking and insulation.


  • While the most viewed area of the house, the interior can hide many defects that often go unnoticed by anyone not in the industry.
  • We will carefully examine all the internal walls to make sure that they are sound and show no signs of cracked plasterwork, dampness or decay.
  • We check for uneven floors and see if all doors and windows have been correctly hung and function as intended.
  • We will check all the wet areas, which includes bathrooms, toilets, laundries and kitchens. Further, we will look for any evidence of water leakage or drainage pipes in these areas.

External Roof

  • We will identify if there are any damaged or broken tiles. We will also ensure that all tiles are correctly secured.
  • We will inspect the chimney and flue structures to make sure that these are securely fixed and that any flashings do not allow water penetration into the roof space. We will make sure that all guttering, ridges and valleys are functioning as intended. This also applies to any downpipes.

Building Exterior

  • We verify that all exterior walls show no signs of dampness or cracking, as this can sometimes be a preliminary indication of the possible presence of structural issues.
  • Our careful examination of any patios or decking, verandas or balconies will ensure that they are structurally sound and that there are no signs of rot or deterioration in the woodwork.
  • We will carefully inspect any further external timber, which will include doors, window frames and posts and verify that they are in good condition.
  • Finally, we will ensure that any external electrical installations have been fitted with the correct safety switches and that they fully comply with the relevant regulations.

As the nature of auctions allows only a small amount of time for inspections to be carried out, we will ensure that your pre-auction inspection occurs promptly. You will have the results within 24 hours of the inspection, ensuring that you are prepared on auction day. You may also find it helpful to look at the information in ‘Buying property at auction’ on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

KADOK House Inspections offer a personal, reliable and independent service. Covered by both professional indemnity and public liability insurance, we operate under Australian Standards 4349.0 (2007) and 4349.1 (2007).

Although we can’t make buying at auction a breeze, we can help you be fully informed before you get swept away in the heat of the moment.

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Pre-Auction Inspection